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Solid Candles Solid Candles

Solid Candles

Natural light makes indoor spaces warm and comfortable

Pillar Candles Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles

This magic moment when lights go down and candles turn on...

Lanterns Lanterns


Contrast between cold steel and hot candles creates relaxed and distended environments

Torches Torches


When the sun sets, light the torches to create an harmonious atmosphere

Accessories Accessories


Candles, torch accessories and lantern accessories


Ceramic Candles and Lanterns, elegance and durability

Ceramic Candles and Lanterns, elegance and durability

The pottery is considered as a luxury material from the ancient Chinese Empire, which managed to give it the distinction and the artistic touch that defines it today. It is a material that, without losing its essence, gives resistance and durabilit ...

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